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Hamish Mathieson

Hamish MathiesonHamish Mathieson has joined our practice and will be with us on Mondays. His background is as a Diagnostic Radiographer where he obtained his degree from Exeter University. However, for several years he has been working as a Sonographer at the hospital in Emersons Green.

Hamish will be with us on Mondays and will be able to expand the areas that we are able to scan for our patients using Diagnostic Ultrasound. In the area of Musculoskeletal Medicine he can scan Shoulders, Knees, Wrists, Achilles Tendons, Plantar Fascia of the Feet and Lumps.

He will be able to scan Abdominal Aortas to make sure the wall of the aorta is not weakening which is a particular problem with middle-aged and elderly men although women can get aneurysms too. A pilot study was carried out in Gloucestershire more than a decade ago and the recommendation was that all men over 60 should be scanned but the NHS has never managed to train up enough sonographers to achieve this aim.

In the upper abdomen Hamish will be able to scan Livers, Gallbladders, the Common Bile Duct, Kidneys, Pancreas and the Spleen. In the urinary tract he will be able to scan Bladders and Kidneys. If you have a problem in any of these areas, ask your Health Care Practitioner to refer you to Hamish and he will be able to scan you to reassure you and get the right diagnosis.

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